Apostle james r. ross

Without a doubt, God has Divinely held Apostle James R. Ross in the palm of His hand since childhood. There has always been a uniqueness and distinctiveness, as it relates to his strongly devoted and dedicated love for God and serving His people. As his family watched him grow and develop into who God Called and created him to be, it became obvious that Apostle Ross was destined to become a powerful weapon for the Kingdom of God, a consecrated tool to defeat the devil! 

As a child, he could be found using his mother’s hamper as a pulpit. Prior to accepting his "Call to Ministry" to serve God with devoted passion, Apostle Ross took the music world by storm, especially throughout the Houston area, as a well-known Rhythm & Blues singer, who toured exclusively and extensively across the nation, earning him the achievement of three nationally acclaimed records.

When God called him away from the world of secular music, he answered the Call and served faithfully as the anointed Minister of Music/Worship Leader for many churches all throughout the Southeast Texas region. The unique anointing that's upon Apostle Ross' life ushers in God's presence and power in such a tangible and tasted way in every atmosphere he steps into. God has given and granted Apostle Ross the matchless and moving ability to effectively communicate to all generations, ethnicities and persuasions, causing him to touch the lives of a diverse people from all walks of life. God has placed within him a Mandate from Heaven to passionately reach the youth of this generation in an uncommon and unapologetic way! He has been actively involved in youth athletics for over twenty-years, and he continues to serve them with dedication and devotion, despite the heavy demands of ministry and daily business endeavors. 

Not only does Apostle Ross have a strong devotion for the youth and people of God, but he also comes with an extraordinary background in the health care field, that has earned him the respect of many. Apostle Ross has a Long-Term Care Nursing Facility Ministry, where he also holds services and Bible studies for those who are no longer able to attend their local church. As of 2016, Apostle Ross currently serves as the Senior Pastor/Teacher and Founder of Greater Love Community Church in Pearland, Texas. 

In May 2017, after serving God's people faithfully for many years of countless service and sacrifices, God divinely appointed him to the Episcopal Office of "Bishop", under the leadership/spiritual covering of his Apostolic Father, Apostle Robbie C. Peters, who oversees the Kingdom Empowerment International Fellowship of Churches. 

In August 2017, Apostle Ross was appointed to the office of Jurisdictional Prelate of the entire Gulf Coast Region, of the Kingdom Empowerment International Fellowship. Furthermore, Apostle Ross serves as a Hospice Chaplain and Community Activist. Without a doubt, God has placed within Apostle Ross an incredible heart for this generation and a WORD to bless generations to come! 

He is a great man of faith and can frequently be quoted using faith quotes such as, “You’ve got to SEE it before you SEE it, or you’ll never SEE it"! He's a strong advocate of change and often says, “If NOTHING changes, NOTHING changes”! He's a committed, consecrated, and compassionate father and husband, an exceptional teacher, inspiring visionary, and an empowering leader unlike no other.