Women's conference


The I'm Speaking To Her Conference is for the Woman 

that wants to be FREE in every area of her life but sometimes doesn't know 

how to get there or has not identified, recognized or confronted "HER" Brokenness. 

She continues to Dress "HER" up daily as if "The HER" inside has it all together,

but continues to embrace "HER" broken Existence. 

This Conference will open "HER" up to experience life MORE fully as she begins

 a journey of healing, wholeness, freeness, and recognizes that the beauty of 

being Broken, liberates "HER". 

God is ready to speak to :  


HER- Fear 

HER- Strength 

HER - Insecurities 

HER - Promise  

HER - Past 

HER- Heart

You don’t want to miss the move if God! 

Tickets: $25.00

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